Jeddah High Speed Train Station

Jeddah High Speed Train Station

Saudi Arabia



Manufacturing / Assembly

The Haramain High-Speed ​​Train is a 450-kilometer long high-speed rail connection between the major cities of Saudi Arabia; Mecca, Medina, Jeddah, and KAEC (King Abdullah Economic City).
This 53,200 square meter structure provides a great opportunity to ensure sustainable transportation in Saudi Arabia and it is aimed to carry 60 million passengers annually while being designed.

As part of the Haramain High-Speed ​​Train Project, Uskon is responsible for the construction of the roof of the Jeddah Central station building, which is one of the 4 central station buildings. The design was done by a partner of Foster + Partners, Angus Campbell.

It was built using a modular approach. Inspired by the architecture of many traditional buildings in the region, steel columns and arches were used to create the vaulted roof. The vaults’ color in the station responding to the identity of the city. The roof and walls contain small openings that provide an atmospheric environment.