The first manufacturer of space frame systems in Turkey, USKON continues to be the leading company in its field since its establishment.
USKON with a staff of engineers, architects and technical personnel specialized in their field, responds to the demands and needs of investors with appropriate and economical solution methods without sacrificing quality understanding.
In addition to space frame systems, USKON also carries out the design, production and assembly of all kinds of steel structures that can be expressed geometrically. With this development within its own structure, it has pioneered the development of all companies in its sector.

Story of Uskon

USKON Space Frame System Construction Industry and Commerce Co. Inc. Founder, Ms. Architect Yaşar MARULYALI (90) Interview

In 1977, research and investigation work was initiated in Turkey on the prefabricated steel space frame system, resulted in the establishment in 1979 of USKON. This outcome was essentially the beginning of the development of prefabricated space cage systems for steel.

USKON, which has been developing steadily since the first year of its establishment, is internationally recognized with its architectural solutions and technological superiority, has become a leading company in the design, production and assembly of space frame systems.

USKON, which manufactures to global standards,
essentially aims at quality and customer satisfaction when fulfilling the projects it commits.

In the work it has done in accordance with these priorities, it has ensured that the material suppliers of components of the space frame system work in keeping with globally agreed standards.

Our company prioritizes safety in the projects and structures it produces. Aware of the importance of deadlines for investors, USKON has made it a principle to complete its projects on time. USKON, which systematically conducts researches to improve technology and quality, has a privileged place among companies that produce prefabricated steel space frame systems with its quality certificates.

Having ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system and ISO 3834-2 welding quality certificate, USKON has proven itself as a company that fulfills all the requirements within the standard of TS EN 1090-2: 2008 + A1 (Class 4) steel and aluminum construction applications and started to give CE certificate to its products. Thus; Turkey in its sector, EXC-4 certification eligible for pioneering the first company quality management system has been demonstrated once again.

USKON has representative offices in 18 countries,
and exports to nearly 50 countries including France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Russia, England, United States of America, Egypt, Morocco and Middle East countries; It continues to realize prestigious projects in different geographies and climatic conditions.

USKON company takes pride in being the first Turkish construction company to be included in “Sweet’s Catalog”, the equivalent of the Building Materials Catalog prepared by YEM.

USKON the prestigious projects realized in Turkey and abroad, share their experiences with other international organizations by offering symposiums. “

European Steel Structures Award

As a result of our professional architectural solutions and understanding of quality, Sabancı Exhibition and Congress Center was awarded the European Award for Steel Structures in 1999.

USKON which continuously improve the quality of technology and services,
has just become a trusted brand not only in Turkey but also all over the world.

Building safe structures by prioritizing customer satisfaction is the most basic principle of our company.

In line with this understanding, we are always ready to realize your projects.