Kale Seramik Factory Building

Kale Seramik Factory Building

Çanakkale / Turkey


Design / Manufacturing / Assembly

The roof of Çanakkale Kale Seramik Çan Facilities Factory Building is designed as a traditional space frame system to pass long spans. The roof is resolved in 5 blocks.
Sandwich panel application was made as roofing material. The space frame system creates a double pitched roof with two surfaces rising at an angle of 5 degrees. A fixed height space frame system is formed by connecting the upper and lower head planes parallel to each other with diagonals.

The space frame system is supported on steel columns at +8.00 m and reaches +13.5 m. The modulation dimensions are 3 m x 3 m and the space system height between two parallel lower and upper head planes is 2.127 mm. The space cage system with a maximum working span of 24 m has an area of 24.408 m2.

Building dimensions:

  • 36.00 m x 24.00 m (A1 block),
  • 36.00 m x 48.40 m (A2 block),
  • 84.00 m x 72.00 m (B block),
  • 108.00 m x 72.00 m (C block),
  • 111.00 m x 72.00 m (D block).

Area: 24.408 m2
Opening: 24.00 m
Modulation: 3.000 m x 3.000 m x 2.127 m