Starwood Paint Factory

Starwood Paint Factory

Bursa / Turkey


Design / Manufacturing / Assembly

The roof of the Starwood Paint Factory Building is designed as a traditional space cage system to pass long openings.
The roof is solved in 3 blocks. The space cage system forms a double-slope roof with two surfaces rising at 10 degree angle. Parallel lower and upper head planes are connected by diagonals to create a fixed-height space lattice system. The space cage system is eded into steel columns at +7.00 m and reaches +15.2 m elevation. The modulation dimensions are 3 m x 3 m and the space system height between the two lower and upper head planes parallel to each other is 2,200 mm. The space cage system with a maximum operating clearance of 30 m has an area of 24,998 m2.

Building dimensions:

  • 119.764 m x 107.581 m (Tip1 blok),
  • 99.00 m x 107.581 m (Tip2 blok),
  • 23.790 m x 61.500 m (Tip3 blok),

Area: 24.998 m2
Opening: 30.00 m
Modulation: 3.000 m x 3.000 m x 2.200 m