ViewBoard 50 Series 75”

USKON Space Frame System Construction Industry and Commerce Co. Inc.

It has been prepared by the Building Catalog Content Team as the ‘Case History’ on the collaboration between USKON Space Frame System Construction Industry and Commerce Co. Inc. and ViewSonic

VewSonic Corporation, a multinational electronics company specializing in liquid-crystal displays, projectors, and interactive whiteboards continue to innovate in order to inspire the world to show the difference between the ‘ordinary’ and the ‘extraordinary’ by offering innovative visual solutions while learning at work and daily life, has been integrated its ViewSonic 75” ViewBoard 7550 from its ViewBoard range offering the ultimate interactive solution at the headquarters of USKON Inc..

As the first manufacturer of the space frame systems in Turkey, USCON Inc. has been a leader company in its industry since 1979. Having teams of expert engineers, architects, and technical personnel, USKON Inc. responds to the requests and needs of investors with a customer-oriented approach using appropriate and affordable solutions without compromising the quality.

As a company that has succeeded in many important projects both within Turkey & abroad, it preferred ViewSonic ViewBoard7550 interactive displays in   the   meeting   rooms of its new headquarters renovated with the state-of-the-art technology based on the ViewBoard7550’s unlimited collaboration possibilities and skills that enable limitless productivity.

USKON Inc. preferred ViewBoard interactive displays of ViewSonic. The Company’s Chief Project Architect Cihan Özkan describes the end-user experience with ViewBoard.

We would like to hear from you about USKON’s introduction and user experience with ViewBoard. How did you meet with ViewBoard?

USKON’s Chief Project Architect Cihan Özkan: At USKON, in addition to manufacturing space frame systems, we design, produce, and assembly all kinds of steel structures that can be shaped geometrically. I can say that in Turkey we have maintained our leading position in this field for years.

Now we started to focus more to be a leader in the international arena as well. Recently, we have become a preferred company in many projects abroad and we have frequently been involved in global projects.

As a local and well-established company, one of the requirements for us to represent ourselves at the international level in the best way is to monitor the global trends closely and to upgrade our systems accordingly with the latest technology. We fully refurbished our Headquarters to this end.

During this process that we continue despite the pandemic, one of the areas we equipped with the latest technology was our meeting rooms. To make our meeting rooms more interactive, we preferred ViewSonic 75” ViewBoard7550, one of the interactive displays of ViewSonic.

After you set up the Viewsonic at USKON, what has been the biggest change in your meeting rooms?

Cihan Özkan stated that they were using a TV with cable connections in their meeting rooms before they met the myViewBoard ecosystem of ViewSonic, of a global visual solutions provider and a market leader in the world. “Before ViewBoard, we were using TV screens in our meeting rooms that we connect with cables. In crowded meetings where there were a lot of people to make a presentation, we were wasting time changing TV cables.”

“We can easily connect mobile devices to the ViewBoard wirelessly, so it is easier for us to connect and we saved time in meetings.” he said.

USKON Space Frame System Construction Industry and Commerce Co. Inc. Founder,
Ms. Architect Yaşar MARULYALI (90) using ViewBoard

With your ViewBoard choice, which problems have been solved?

ViewBoard offers a user-friendly experience with ease of use. From the youngest trainee to the most experienced specialist; ViewBoard has turned into one of the most popular technological equipment of USKON with its user-friendly interface for everyone, even people who are novice in technology.

As a whole team at USKON, we got used to ViewBoard very quickly. As we work on the design and implementation projects, we hold meetings mostly using drawings. Before ViewBoard, we were doing our drawings and revisions through sketches in our meetings. Especially in crowded meetings, many people could not see the sketch, or we were wasting time transferring sketches from hand to hand.

With ViewBoard’s ultra-sensitive touch technology providing fluent and precise handwriting experience and its software that allows drawing directly on the file, now we can make our sketches on the screen. Moreover, we can send the updated drawings that were revised at the meeting both to the attendees of the meeting and to our stakeholders working remotely.

We know well that in large-scale companies like USKON, there are frequent big meetings including attendees from various companies. As you know, ViewBoard is supported by Amazon Web Services and AES-256 encryption. What do you think about its contribution to security in the company?

For companies, the biggest risk posed by rapidly adopted digitalization is cyber risks. It is a very well-known fact that the Internet of Things, the confidentiality of personal information, and cloud security are the most basic data that companies must protect. Therefore, we contributed to the data protection of the Company by choosing ViewBoard, a collaboration software solution with high-level security.

In addition, thanks to the remote connection feature of the ViewBoard, we prevented the issues that may occur due to the files and data on the computers of the external parties of our meetings, and as a company, we added one of the strongest bricks to our firewalls.

What would you like to say about the service and product experience after you started to use Viewsonic?

We had met some other companies in the industry about our need for interactive whiteboards for our meeting rooms. ViewSonic’s pioneering position in the industry for years and their pre-sales service quality have been the factors that made us decide. They informed us in detail about the product with fluent and relevant presentations, where even our top executives who are not so interested in technology can get detailed information about the product.

Their after-sales service demonstrated once again how well ViewSonic deserves its leader position in the industry. At USKON Inc., following our integration the ViewBoard technology to our meeting rooms in 2020, we strongly believe that we will continue the partnership with ViewSonic for years with the integration of new products with different functions in other venues.