Bursa Zoo

Bursa Zoo

Bursa / Turkey


Design / Manufacturing / Assembly

Bursa Zoo – Waterfowl Cage Single Cidar Eliptic Dome

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has decided to build a 250,000 m2 zoo on in Soğanlıköy District, opposite the Botanical Park.

When selecting the form to be used in the structure, an egg-inspired half-egg form with a single-wall stability advantage was used due to its curvature in both directions. The structure, which has a single-walled elliptical-based half dome, is designed to be 40m wide, 70m in length and 20m in height. The architectural authors of the project are Architect İlkay İntaş and Architect Hüseyin Akdeniz.

To create the half-egg-shaped form of the space lattice system, formex algebra was used. A total of 9 lines of formulation with formex algebra are written for the form created using basi-diametic retronoms.